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Tannage the  leather

Tannage the leather

The main tannage has the primary function of producing an utilisable material resistant to microbial attack.

For the processed leathers , two ways of tannery is defined;


Rapid tannage

Rapid tannage process in drums
After the pre tannery, the leathers are processed with chestnut, 
mimosa and cebroka valeks.With the mechanical effect, the tannery 
materials will slowly penatrate into the leather.

Slowly tannage

Due to the long and challenging tannery period the traditional 
tannery is the expensive method.
The leathers tanned in this way are very solid and waterproof. 
The leathers are processed in the below stages;

After the pre tannery, the leather has to be infused into the oak 
solutions for 3 months.
After the pre tannery in the pits with herbal oak solutions, for bonding
the leather with bark,chestnut, mimosa and cebroka is also added in 
the tannery cabins
To satisfy the most demanding clients, we reserve special treatment 
for butts, which are tanned for twelve months (oak-bark ground-tanning).